Dental Crowns

For a person who has a healthy set of teeth will never need a dental crown. However, not all are so lucky! But do not worry about the dental crown because when you know about it and its benefits, you will understand that it is great for many reasons.

Dental crowns are an excellent solution for severely decayed teeth, which has been repaired recently with a root canal. In addition to that, they are also extensively used in cases of rectification of misshaped tooth. Dental crowns work as an outstanding restorative option for those teeth that needs reinforcement.

In this article, you will know more about dental crown, its benefits, and who needs it.

Dental crown benefits

If you are advised to get a dental crown, do not worry! It is common and widely used option for a damaged or repaired tooth that last for a long time, and with proper dental hygiene, they can even last a lifetime.

In addition to that, the dental crowns are designed to match the current set of your teeth. Even your family members and friends may not even notice the newly repaired teeth with a dental crown! There are many other benefits that come with dental crowns.

Read on and know more about dental crowns and its outstanding features.

Strengthen teeth

Dental crowns cover weak teeth completely, which gives a weak tooth sufficient protection and lets it gain its strength back so that it performs its job again.

On the other hand, without a dental crown, a weak tooth will only become weaker and will affect other teeth around sooner than you think. Dental crowns also protect teeth from further decay and damage eventually.

Therefore, it is widely accepted as the best option where the tooth is understandably weak; for example, after a tooth goes through root canal therapy or suffered an accident.

Restoration of teeth

In addition to a full shield for a weak tooth and protecting it from any further damage, it also helps in restoring the teeth to its actual shape and size. The dental crowns can also help in cases where a patient feels that his or her set of teeth are uneven or are not coming together.

When there are uneven teeth in your mouth, it can lead to various kinds of bite issues, which can also prove to be problematic if ignored. With dental crowns, a patient can have a full functioning mouth and set of teeth. Further, it can also help in eating, chewing, and speaking without a problem.

Stable option

Dental crowns are placed over teeth permanently, and that makes them work as a 24X7 protective shield for the teeth. On the other hand, options like dentures can shift around or move from its place, which is harmful to the teeth.

Further, dental crowns are comfortable and do not make a patient feel any discomfort. Patients confess that they don’t feel them after a while, and it becomes an integral part of their mouth. In comparison, dentures can cause uneasiness to the patients because they rest on top of a patient’s gums loosely, which means they are not strong enough to withstand vigorous chewing or movement of the mouth.

A perfect smile

Last but certainly not least – they make great smiles! Dental crowns cover up imperfect or uneven teeth perfectly. They can be even used as a restorative option for a tooth that is so weak or decayed that it lost its shape and size. In such cases, the dentist can place a dental crown over it and make it look healthy and a part of the set again.

It will certainly make for a natural look and a more pleasant smile. There are various kinds of dental crowns that can make teeth perfectly natural and normal. For example, a porcelain dental crown is stain resistant and looks exactly like a natural tooth, which is a perfect choice for those who want a smile makeover!

Wrapping it up

If a patient has uneven teeth, decayed or damaged teeth or just underwent root canal therapy, they could be advised by their dentist to get a dental crown.

The above-mentioned benefits are a few of the many benefits of dental crowns. However, if a patient is advised or feels that he or she should get a dental crown, he or she should contact a dentist soon.

Although, dental crowns offer protection and restoration, waiting for long can worsen the condition, and the tooth can go beyond repair.