Dental Veneers

In cosmetic dentistry, one of the treatments that are currently in high demand are dental veneers. It is very easy to know why, and it is due to the efficient improvement of the appearance of the teeth. Consequently, it is unnecessary to submit people to an extensive procedure to give them the dental aesthetics they wish to have.

What Is It?
Dental veneers are minimally invasive porcelain or resin laminates usually used on the anterior teeth’ vestibular surfaces, preferably on the dental enamel to improve their anatomy, color, and aesthetics.

Veneers are one of the different types of fixed dental prostheses available today. The way to install veneers on the teeth is through different adhesion techniques, which differentiate them from dental crowns, whose installation may or may not depend on adhesive technologies.


Dental veneers are a dental cosmetic treatment with many advantages:

  • Very high aesthetics. If you follow the specialist’s advice, its color and shape properties will not change over time. Maintains the color achieved for a longer time, especially in cases of teeth whitening. No one notices that you are wearing them, especially those of the latest generation.
  • Very conservative dental preparation. It is a minimally invasive technique that preserves the dental substance. Veneers are much less likely to affect the nerve within the tooth.
  • Minimum maintenance. You will not need to go to the consultation much more after the treatment, because once you finish the procedure, it does not require maintenance unless you have any problem.
  • Strengthens teeth and restores functionality. They help strengthen fractured teeth and restore normal function. They are used to modify malocclusions or to restore correct guidance in chewing movements. Veneers can be used to restore worn teeth caused by bruxism as part of complete oral rehabilitation.
  • Staining resistance. Porcelain resists the classic stains of coffee, tea, tobacco, and soft drinks. The glazed surface does not allow the staining of stains since it does not present microporosity.
  • High resistance. They are trustworthy, it is rare for a porcelain veneer to break.
  • Biocompatible materials. Dental veneers can be made of several elements: ceramic or porcelain or composite resins. Both elements are a type of material called biocompatible since as they are very well tolerated by both dental and non-dental tissues, such as the gums.
  • Increased self-esteem. A nice smile is very important in the daily life of any person. And not only because we feel physically more attractive, but because smiling with confidence and confidence improves our self-esteem and quality of life.
  • And most importantly, you achieve a smile change in a short time.

For Which Cases Is It Indicated?

Enamel Stains

In addition to the effects of smoking or drinking many dark drinks, other types of stains can appear on our teeth. Stains that occur from the inside out, generally, before the maturation of the tooth. The dental veneer can be treated to acquire color and appearance quite similar to the rest of the denture.

Permanent Teeth Whitening

The continued consumption of tobacco or coffee can darken the teeth significantly. For this reason, veneers have become a very effective whitening treatment by not having to act directly on the teeth, but with this method, a new and “rejuvenated” skin is placed, so to speak, in a lasting way.

Correction of Dental Malpositions

Veneers can also be used in cases such as diastema, that is when the teeth are widely separated from each other, to cover that unsightly gap. Likewise, it is also an excellent resource to correct those cases in which some piece is misaligned or tilted.

Correct Unwanted Shapes and Sizes

It is very common that in many dentures, there are teeth that are too small concerning the size of the rest, that when smiling, the gum is too visible or that they present some type of deformation. One way to even out their appearance without removing teeth and place implants is with dental veneers.

Recover Part of Dental Substance

With certain habits such as bruxism, teeth can become worn. Also, due to trauma that they have previously suffered and have even fractured their teeth, we can recover the dimension of the tooth that has been lost with veneers.

Remember that a perfect smile begins with proper oral hygiene. If you decide on this treatment, trust professionals!